Hotel proche calais


15 minutes from the Auberge de Colombier, the city of Calais opens its doors for a tourist experience rich in discoveries and emotions.

Visit the port, one of the largest in Europe, which is an engineering marvel and a starting point for various maritime escapades. Calais is also home to the famous Hôtel de Ville, a masterpiece of Gothic architecture featuring a UNESCO-listed belfry.

For nature lovers, Calais beach offers a large expanse of fine sand, ideal for relaxation and outdoor activities. Richelieu Park, with its green spaces and bodies of water, is another haven of peace within the city.

History and culture enthusiasts are well catered for with the Museum of Fine Arts and the monument "Les Bourgeois de Calais" sculpted by Rodin.

Finally, gourmets will find what they are looking for in the many local shops and markets, where they can taste regional specialties.

Calais is a destination that combines tradition and modernity, history and leisure, all in a welcoming and lively atmosphere. A visit is essential!